Dog Photography, Livingston – Richmond the Sausage Dog!

Dog Photography, Livingston – Richmond the Sausage Dog!

As it’s Friday afternoon I thought I would post something a bit fun and more personal for a change!

When I’m not photographing weddings and portraits I’m normally working from home with my dog Richmond for company. Since he became one of the family a year and a half ago it’s become a hobby of mine to photograph him as he’s grown up and to try and capture his cute and crazy personality. Dog photography can be exhausting and requires a lot of patience to get ‘the shot’, especially when the dog is hyperactive like Richmond. He certainly doesn’t take direction as well as my usual clients!!

Below are a few of my favourite shots of him in action and often up to no good!
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Big changes in the land of!

After getting married in August I’ve been humming and hawing about changing my business name and have finally decided to bite the bullet!!

I’m currently in the process of re-designing my logo and moving my website across to my new domain at Hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s up and running.

It would have been nice to keep my old name alive but I decided it would be confusing for clients.

My photos on the front cover of Edinburgh Life!

It was a great surprise to see my photographs on the front and back cover of Edinburgh Life magazine when I walked into a newsagent earlier this month! I also had the Laings Tiffany jewellery event shoot featured on one page too.

front cover of Edinburgh Life magazine

Opened my Zazzle Store

I opened my Zazzle store in January and am loving it! It is a large international print on demand company which produces a large variety of high quality products. I am having fun designing invitations and business cards using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Portrait Shoot at Pollok Park

I had great fun shooting these photos of my friends Jilly and Lorraine in Pollok Park, Glasgow. They were great models as you can see!