2013 Wedding Highlights

2013 absolutely flew by, and what a fantastic year it was. I photographed just over 50 weddings last year and I loved photographing them all. There was snow in March, lots of bright sunny days in Summer and a very windy Winter to end of the year. Each wedding was unique and all the couples were great fun to photograph. I’m already getting excited about all the weddings I have in my diary for 2014! I thought it would be a good idea to showcase a few of the highlights, so sit back and enjoy scrolling through my favourite moments from the last twelve months!

2013 wedding photography highlights
Best of 2013_0006.jpgBest of 2013_0050.jpg
2013 wedding highlights
2013 wedding highlights
2013 wedding highlights
2013 wedding photography highlights
Best of 2013_0055.jpg

Best of 2013_0004.jpgBest of 2013_0093.jpg
Best of 2013_0104.jpg
Best of 2013_0001.jpg
Best of 2013_0005.jpg
Best of 2013_0010.jpgBest of 2013_0007.jpgBest of 2013_0008.jpgBest of 2013_0009.jpg
2013 wedding photography highlights
Best of 2013_0101.jpgBest of 2013_0012.jpg
Best of 2013_0115 Best of 2013_0116 Best of 2013_0117 Best of 2013_0118 Best of 2013_0119Best of 2013_0013.jpg
Best of 2013_0102.jpg
Best of 2013_0019.jpg
Best of 2013_0021.jpg
Best of 2013_0022.jpg
Best of 2013_0039.jpgBest of 2013_0024.jpg
Best of 2013_0025.jpgBest of 2013_0020.jpg
Best of 2013_0026.jpg
Best of 2013_0027.jpg
Best of 2013_0028.jpg
Best of 2013_0029.jpg
Best of 2013_0030.jpg
Best of 2013_0031.jpg

Best of 2013_0035.jpg
Best of 2013_0036.jpg

Best of 2013_0056
Best of 2013_0037.jpg
Best of 2013_0038.jpg
Best of 2013_0040.jpg
Best of 2013_0047.jpg
Archerfield-House-Wedding_0013.jpgBest of 2013_0103.jpg
Best of 2013_0045.jpg
Best of 2013_0044.jpg
Best of 2013_0041.jpg
Best of 2013_0051.jpg
Best of 2013_0057.jpg
Best of 2013_0058.jpg
Best of 2013_0054.jpg
Best of 2013_0060.jpg
Best of 2013_0042.jpg

Best of 2013_0109.jpg
Best of 2013_0108.jpg
Best of 2013_0113.jpg
Best of 2013_0091.jpg
Best of 2013_0105.jpg
Best of 2013_0092.jpg
Best of 2013_0110.jpg

Best of 2013_0096.jpg
Best of 2013_0097.jpg
Best of 2013_0098.jpg

Best of 2013_0107.jpg
Best of 2013_0090.jpg

Best of 2013_0073.jpg
Best of 2013_0074.jpg
Best of 2013_0071.jpg
Best of 2013_0072.jpgBest of 2013_0114

Best of 2013_0070.jpg
Best of 2013_0069.jpg
Best of 2013_0067.jpg
Best of 2013_0066.jpg
Best of 2013_0065.jpg
Best of 2013_0064.jpg
Best of 2013_0063.jpg
Best of 2013_0062.jpg
Best of 2013_0061.jpg
Best of 2013_0059.jpg

Best of 2013_0053.jpgBest of 2013_0068.jpg


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