Dog Photography, Livingston – Richmond the Sausage Dog!

As it’s Friday afternoon I thought I would post something a bit fun and more personal for a change!

When I’m not photographing weddings and portraits I’m normally working from home with my dog Richmond for company. Since he became one of the family a year and a half ago it’s become a hobby of mine to photograph him as he’s grown up and to try and capture his cute and crazy personality. Dog photography can be exhausting and requires a lot of patience to get ‘the shot’, especially when the dog is hyperactive like Richmond. He certainly doesn’t take direction as well as my usual clients!!

Below are a few of my favourite shots of him in action and often up to no good!
dog_photography_Livingstondog_photography_0015 dog_photography_0017 dog_photography_0019 dog_photography_0020 dog_photography_0021 dog_photography_0022 dog_photography_0023 dog_photography_0024 dog_photography_0025 dog_photography_0026 dog_photography_0027 dog_photography_0028


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