Isle of Skye Photography

In the last few years photography has opened my eyes to the natural beauty of Scotland. Before I got into photography I never really appreciated the country I live in! In May this year my fiance and I went to the beautiful Isle of Skye for a whole week of photography and was pure bliss. I thought I would give you a sample of some of my Isle of Skye Photography from the week.

The black and white photograph was taken in the beautiful Talisker Bay, it is a favorite with photographers due to the beautiful susets and smoothed rocks found on the beach..a winning combination. I will never forget this day as it was the day my fiance proposed, he couldn’t have picked a more romantic spot!

We also visited the amazing Neist Point, this photo was taken from a different viewpoint from usual. This place makes you feel like you’re at the end of the earth, it’s almost magical. The lighthouse is situated right at the end of a pointed peninsula. When we were there the weather went from sunny to stormy and back to sunny again in 1hr, you just never know what to expect! It really is a spectacular place though.

The photo below these two was taken from a little fishing village called Elgol, we had to drive down a 15mile single track road to get to it. We also went to an amazing fish restaurant here. The trek accross the slippery rocks was a little scary but it was worth it after taking this photograph! We also went on a seal boat trip from Dunvegan castle, it was a nice surprise to be able to get as close to the seals as this!!

Isle of Skye Photography


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