Kirknewton Stables Wedding Photography

I photographed Kirsty and Adam’s Kirknewton Stables wedding on a beautiful sunny day in April. The venue is based just outside Edinburgh and is a completely blank canvas so it was lovely to see all of the special personal touches of decor that had been added. I’d been really looking forward to this wedding, especially after Kirsty told me about their brightly coloured theme – it sounded relaxed and fun! After the ceremony I took a group confetti photo out the front before taking Kirsty and Adam around the grounds for their romantic couple photos. The venue has stunning, well kept grounds and so many great locations for photography. I loved that there were chickens freely roaming, I’d never seen them at a wedding venue before! It was a wonderful day with lots of lovely details and fun moments to capture.

Here are a few of my favourites this lovely Kirknewton Stables wedding –

Kirknewton Stables wedding photographyKirknewton StablesKirknewton Stables Wedding_0024Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0025Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0003Kirknewton Stables Wedding boys


Kirknewton Stables wedding photographyKirknewton Stables Wedding_0007Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0008Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0009Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0010Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0011Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0012Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0014Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0015Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0016Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0017

Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0023Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0018Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0019Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0020Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0021Kirknewton Stables Wedding_0022


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