Relaxed Scottish farm wedding reception near Edinburgh

Relaxed Scottish farm wedding reception near Edinburgh

It was a pleasure to be Catriona and Richard’s photographer on their big day. They chose to have a relaxed Scottish farm wedding reception on Richard’s parent’s farm in Fife near Edinburgh. It was a dream come true to photograph a wedding on farm and it has to be one of my favourite weddings ever!

Catriona got ready at her parent’s house with her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding. There were lovely moments as the bridal party interacted during preparations. The girls were ready early so we were also able to capture some beautiful portraits in the garden.

The ceremony which took place at stunning St Michael’s Church in Linlithgow. Catriona made a dramatic appearance at the church by arriving in an old cleaned up farm Land Rover! In fact there were several of them which were used to transport the bridal party – very cool! It was an emotional and heartfelt ceremony.

After some photos around St Michaels we set off for the farm reception where Richard and Catriona were greeted with confetti. There was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere at the farm with so many personalised touches. They had made their own fire pits from horseshoes and made many of the decorations around the venue themselves. I really enjoyed photographing all of the personal details. As I began searching for moments that would help to tell the story of the day I could tell everyone was having a great time. After some fantastic speeches in the marquee it was time to begin the evening celebrations. Everyone brought the day to an end by demonstrating their best dance moves!

Here are some highlights from this relaxed Scottish farm wedding –

St Michael's Wedding ceremony St Michaels Church wedding St Michael's Church Wedding St Michael's church wedding farm marquee wedding wedding confetti photo Relaxed Scottish farm wedding Relaxed Scottish farm wedding Relaxed Scottish farm wedding Relaxed Scottish farm wedding marquee wedding scotland Relaxed Scottish farm wedding


Florist – Poppy Floral Design
Dress Shop – CKS Bridal
Dress Designer – Dando London
Make Up – Nicole Govan
Band – ?

Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle

Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle

Everything about this Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle was amazing! It was my first time shooting a wedding at Dundas Castle and after scouting the venue a couple of weeks beforehand I just knew it was going to be a memorable one. I met Lesley Jayne in the morning at the nearby Dakota Hotel where she was having her hair styled. We soon made our way to Dundas Castle for the final bridal preparations. Scott and the boys were already at Dundas and on great form! Not only did they have a pre-wedding game of snooker but I also persuaded them to use the swing which made for some fun photos!

Although the sky was cloudy and looked like rain could be on the way they decided to go ahead with their outdoor ceremony plans. Their relaxed humanist ceremony took place in the courtyard area and Lesley Jayne made a spectacular entrance through the enormous double doors. Such an incredible setting for a wedding ceremony and luckily it stayed dry throughout. After the ceremony LJ, Scott and the bridal party made their way to the top of the tower for some photos. We weren’t up there long before the rain came on but luckily we had just enough time to take what I needed. Once we got back to ground level the rain soon stopped so we were able to continue the rest of the group photos outdoors. There were so many amazing photo locations, I was spoilt for choice! What made it even better was that LJ and Scott were so relaxed and easy to work with.

Once the drinks reception finished everyone made their way to the beautiful marquee for the meal and dancing which is when the party really started!! I loved how the band gave the guests tambourines after the first few dances as it really brought out people’s fun side.

Some highlights from this outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle –

Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle_0001 Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle_0001 Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle_0001 Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle_0001 Summer outdoor wedding at Dundas Castle_0001

Florist – Betty Bluebell – Emma Lawson
Dress Shop – Gwennes – Liberton
Dress Designer – Ronald Joyce
Make Up – Lj did her own make up
Hairdresser – Jennifer Thomson Hair
Cake – Suzanne Esper Cakes
Band / DJ – Amplifive
Piper – The Pickled Piper
Harpist – Margaret Knight

Archerfield Waterfront Wedding Photography

Archerfield Waterfront Wedding Photography

I have been planning to blog about this beautiful Archerfield Waterfront wedding for a long while…I won’t say how long as I can’t quite believe it myself!! Time really has flown! Life got busier so I put my blog on hold to concentrate on more important things like editing images, designing albums and adjust to being a Mum with a full time business. Now I have found a little bit of time to blog again so I’m finally sharing it with you.

Gemma and Steven chose to tie the knot at Preston Kirk in East Linton, East Lothian. It’s such a beautiful and photogenic little church set at the top of a little hill. After their lovely ceremony everyone made their way outside for a confetti photo which is always lots of fun and makes for a great photo opportunity. Their two much loved dogs came to join them afterwards for a few photos. After some celebratory hugs and words of congratulations Gemma and Steven made their way to Archerfield Waterfront in their old classic car.

The Archerfield Waterfront wedding venue is stunning, set right next to the sea with beautiful views across the water. The inside of the venue is equally gorgeous with the sparkly ceiling lights and amazing views. This couple had chosen impressive floral centrepieces which really had the wow factor. I do remember the weather being a little cold and windy that day but we powered through and managed all the family group photos outside. The moody sky made for some dramatic couple photos by the shore. Later on towards the end of dinner we snuck outside for some sunset photos, it was so worthwhile to catch the beautiful pink sky.

Some highlights from this beautiful Archerfield Waterfront wedding –

Archerfield Wedding_0001Archerfield Wedding_0002Archerfield Wedding_0003Archerfield Wedding_0004Archerfield Wedding_0005Archerfield Wedding_0006Archerfield Wedding_0007Archerfield Wedding_0008Archerfield Wedding_0009Archerfield Wedding_0010Archerfield Wedding_0011Archerfield Wedding_0012Archerfield Wedding_0013Archerfield Wedding_0014Archerfield Wedding_0015Archerfield Wedding_0016Archerfield Wedding_0017Archerfield Wedding_0018Archerfield Wedding_0019Archerfield Wedding_0020Archerfield Wedding_0021Archerfield Wedding_0022Archerfield Wedding_0023Archerfield Wedding_0024Archerfield Wedding_0025Archerfield Wedding_0026Archerfield Wedding_0027Archerfield Wedding_0028Archerfield Wedding_0029Archerfield Wedding_0030Archerfield Wedding_0031Archerfield Wedding_0032Archerfield Wedding_0033Archerfield Wedding_0034Archerfield Wedding_0035Archerfield Wedding_0036Archerfield Wedding_0037Archerfield Wedding_0038Archerfield Wedding_0039Archerfield Wedding_0040Archerfield Wedding_0041Archerfield Wedding_0042Archerfield Wedding_0043Archerfield Waterfront WeddingArcherfield Wedding_0045Archerfield Wedding_0046Archerfield Wedding_0047Archerfield Wedding_0048Archerfield Wedding_0049Archerfield Wedding_0050Archerfield Wedding_0051Archerfield Waterfront WeddingArcherfield Wedding_0053Archerfield Wedding_0054Archerfield Wedding_0055Archerfield Wedding_0056Archerfield Wedding_0057Archerfield Wedding_0058Archerfield Wedding_0059Archerfield Wedding_0060Archerfield Wedding_0061Archerfield Wedding_0062Archerfield Wedding_0063


Florist – Sweet Peas Floral Design, Haddington
Dress – La Novia, Edinburgh
Dress Designer – Liliana Dabic
Make Up – Beauty by KJ Brown, Dunbar
Hairdresser – AC Styling, North Berwick
Cake – Kait’s Cakes
Band – Callanish

You can see another Archerfield wedding here.

2016 Wedding Photography Highlights

2016 Wedding Photography Highlights

2016 wedding photography highlights – moments of fun, laughter, emotion and most importantly love!

Thanks to all the couples who chose me to document their special day this year! 2016 is my sixth year of photographing weddings and it has certainly been a year to remember. I’ve captured weddings at many stunning venues in Edinburgh, the Lothians and across the central belt of Scotland! Below are a few of my personal favourite images taken during an amazing 2016. I’ve tried my best to include an image from every wedding and have really focused on moments of fun, laughter, emotion and most importantly love!

Grab a cuppa or something stronger have a good browse! It’s not so much a ‘best of’ as a snippet into my world of weddings. Here’s hoping 2017 brings many more amazing memories.

2016 wedding photography highlights Edinburgh 2016_wedding_highlights_00782016_wedding_highlights_0077 2016_wedding_highlights_0075 2016_wedding_highlights_0074 2016 wedding photography highlights Midlothian 2016_wedding_highlights_00822016_wedding_highlights_0071 2016_wedding_highlights_0070 2016_wedding_highlights_0069 2016_wedding_highlights_0068 2016_wedding_highlights_0067 2016_wedding_highlights_0066 2016_wedding_highlights_0065 2016_wedding_highlights_0064 2016_wedding_highlights_0063 2016_wedding_highlights_0062 2016_wedding_highlights_00012016_wedding_highlights_0059 2016_wedding_highlights_00802016_wedding_highlights_00732016_wedding_highlights_0058 2016_wedding_highlights_0056 2016_wedding_highlights_0055 2016_wedding_highlights_0054 2016_wedding_highlights_0052 2016_wedding_highlights_0051 2016_wedding_highlights_0050 2016_wedding_highlights_0002 2016_wedding_highlights_00492016 wedding photography highlights Lothians 2016_wedding_highlights_0047 2016_wedding_highlights_0046 2016_wedding_highlights_0043 2016_wedding_highlights_00422016_wedding_highlights_0041 2016_wedding_highlights_0040 2016_wedding_highlights_0039 2016_wedding_highlights_0038 2016_wedding_highlights_0037 2016_wedding_highlights_0036 2016_wedding_highlights_00452016_wedding_highlights_0035 2016_wedding_highlights_00032016_wedding_highlights_0034 2016_wedding_highlights_00812016_wedding_highlights_0033 2016_wedding_highlights_00532016_wedding_highlights_00762016_wedding_highlights_00442016_wedding_highlights_0032 2016_wedding_highlights_0031 2016_wedding_highlights_0030 2016_wedding_highlights_0029 2016_wedding_highlights_0028 2016_wedding_highlights_0027 2016_wedding_highlights_0026 2016_wedding_highlights_00052016_wedding_highlights_0025 2016_wedding_highlights_0024 2016_wedding_highlights_0023 2016_wedding_highlights_0022 2016_wedding_highlights_0021 2016_wedding_highlights_0020 2016_wedding_highlights_0019 2016_wedding_highlights_0018 2016_wedding_highlights_0017 2016_wedding_highlights_0016 2016_wedding_highlights_0015 2016_wedding_highlights_0014 2016_wedding_highlights_0013 2016_wedding_highlights_0012 2016_wedding_highlights_0011 2016_wedding_highlights_0010 2016_wedding_highlights_0009 2016_wedding_highlights_0008 2016_wedding_highlights_0007 2016_wedding_highlights_0006 2016_wedding_highlights_0004

Edinburgh George Hotel wedding photography on a sunny day

Edinburgh George Hotel wedding photography on a sunny day

Cheryl and Michael’s Edinburgh George Hotel wedding took place at the end of May last year and it was a beautiful bright sunny day. I started off at the stunning Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh which was formerly known as the Caledonian Hotel. Cheryl was getting ready there with her bridesmaids. They made sure they were ready early so that we could make use of the dramatic grand staircase before moving to the George Hotel for their ceremony. Meanwhile my assistant Jim Davies Photography was at the George taking photos of the boys. Normally I photograph weddings on my own but Cheryl and Michael were keen for more coverage of the boys. Jim did a great job and his photos blended seamlessly with mine.

Cheryl arrived at the George Hotel looking stunning in a vintage car with it’s roof down. Quite a crowd of passers by gathered around to see her. The ceremony was lovely and personal with lots of laughs, both Cheryl and Michael looked very much in love. As it was such a nice day we were able to go with the immediate bridal party to Queen Street Gardens for the group and romantic couple photos. The great thing about Queen Street Gardens is that it’s private and you need a key to get in so it’s always quiet and well kept. There are lots of lovely places for photos there and the couple were happy to follow our lead and stop off at the various locations on the way back to their car. Then it was back to the George Hotel to capture some of the stylish reception, emotional moments during the speeches and first dance. I absolutely love the focal point of the impressive chandelier in the room, it really has the wow factor. After the first dance the party really got started and the dance floor was bustling with guests showing off their best moves!

Below are a few highlights from this Edinburgh George Hotel Wedding –George Hotel Wedding_0001George Hotel Wedding_0002George Hotel Wedding_0003George Hotel Wedding_0004George Hotel Wedding_0005George Hotel Wedding_0006George Hotel Wedding_0007George Hotel Wedding_0008George Hotel Wedding_0009George Hotel Wedding_0010George Hotel Wedding_0011George Hotel Wedding_0012Waldorf Astoria Grand StaircaseWaldorf Astoria WeddingGeorge Hotel Wedding_0015George Hotel Wedding_0016George Hotel Wedding_0017George Hotel Wedding_0018George Hotel Wedding_0019George Hotel Wedding_0020George Hotel Wedding_0022George Hotel Wedding_0025George Hotel Wedding CeremonyGeorge Hotel Wedding_0023George Hotel Wedding_0026George Hotel Wedding_0028Edinburgh George Hotel Wedding CeremonyGeorge Hotel Wedding_0029George Hotel Wedding_0030Group Photo Queens Street GardensGeorge Hotel Wedding_0035George Hotel Wedding_0036George Hotel Wedding_0037George Hotel Wedding_0038George Hotel Wedding_0040George Hotel Wedding_0039George Hotel Wedding_0041George Hotel Wedding_0042George Hotel Wedding_0043George Hotel Wedding_0044Edinburgh George Hotel weddingGeorge Hotel Wedding_0046George Hotel Wedding_0047George Hotel Wedding_0048George Hotel Wedding receptionGeorge Hotel Wedding_0050George Hotel Wedding_0051George Hotel Wedding_0052George Hotel Wedding_0053George Hotel Wedding_0054George Hotel Wedding_0055George Hotel Wedding_0056George Hotel Wedding_0057Edinburgh George Hotel weddingGeorge Hotel Wedding_0059Edinburgh George Hotel wedding

Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding  Featuring Picturesque Outdoor Ceremony

Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding Featuring Picturesque Outdoor Ceremony

I photographed this beautiful Atholl Palace Hotel wedding last Summer and it still stands out in my mind as a highlight of the year. It’s been at the top of my blogging list for a while, I was just waiting for quieter times to sit down and share it with you.

Lisa and Richard chose to have their whole wedding day at Atholl Palace and Lisa even got ready at one of the onsite lodges. This meant I was able to go back and forth between Lisa and Richard to take photos of them before the ceremony. I was so excited to hear their plan was to have an outdoor humanist ceremony in the picturesque hotel grounds. The weather was fine so their outdoor ceremony dream went to plan, starting off with Lisa making a dramatic entrance by being piped down the hill. Quite a walk for someone in a wedding dress and high heels but so worth it!

The ceremony was followed by stylish reception and I was able to capture some candid shots of the guest enjoying themselves before it was time for the official family group and romantic couple photos. The hotel is set in stunning, extensive grounds so there were endless possibilities for beautiful photographs. I loved all the pretty personal touches, but most importantly, all the smiles and happiness of the day. Check out the amazing first dance décor, the room looked spectacular.

Some highlights from this beautiful Atholl Palace Hotel wedding –Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0001Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0002Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0003Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0004Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0005Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0006Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0007Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0008Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0009Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0010Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0011Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0012Atholl Palace Hotel weddingAtholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0014Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0015Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0016Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0017Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0018Atholl Palace Hotel weddingAtholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0020Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0021Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0022Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0023Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0024Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0025Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0026Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0027Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0028Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0029Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0030Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0031Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0032Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0033Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0034Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0035Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0036Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0037Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0038Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0039Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0040Atholl Palace Hotel Wedding_0041


Florist – Vicky’s Flowers
Dress – Designer Pronovias
Make Up – Karen Bowen
Hairdresser – Kirsty MacPherson
Cake – 3D cakes
Band – Ernest
Other Kilt –21st Century Kilts