Royal Botanic Garden wedding photography

Royal Botanic Garden wedding photography

What an incredible Royal Botanic Garden wedding! I started the day with Kirsten and the girls at home where they were having their hair and make up done. Kirsten had obviously put a lot of thought into their styling and had chosen a vintage look complete with 50s style dresses for her and the girls which looked amazing. It was refreshing to see a bold style which reflected Kirsten’s artistic flare!

Shortly before the ceremony I met up with a slightly nervous Graeme and took some photos of him and his best man before capturing their guests arriving. Beautiful sunshine meant that the humanist ceremony conducted by Tim Maguire was able to take place outside at the John Muir Grove just as Kirsten and Graeme had hoped. The setting amongst the huge towering redwoods was just like something out of a fairytale and the personal readings and vows made it even more special.

After the ceremony the piper piped everyone over to the Caledonian Hall where the drinks reception was held. Celebratory hugs were followed by a few group photos and then the focus was all on Kirsten and Graeme for their romantic couple photos! As it was late Spring many flowers were in bloom which added a lovely pop of colour to the photos.

One of the highlights of the day for me was Kirsten and Graeme’s first dance. It was unexpectedly impressive, brilliantly rehearsed and at one point Graeme even lifted Kirsten high into the air!! Judging by the look on people’s faces I don’t think anyone expected those moves!

If you are planning an Edinburgh wedding (or anywhere else of course) please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding photography requirements.

Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden wedding photography highlights –

Royal Botanic Garden wedding

pretty wedding detailsvintage wedding make-upvitage style bride and bridesmaidsRoyal Botanic Gardens groomRoyal Botanic Garden groomRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh arrivalsJohn Muir Grove WeddingEdinburgh Botanics outdoor wedding Royal Botanic Garden wedding edinburghRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0011Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0012Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh receptionRoyal Botanic Garden group photoRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0016Royal Botanic Garden wedding photosRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0018Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0020Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0021Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0022Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0023Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0024Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0025Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0026Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0027Royal Botanic Garden weddingRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0029Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0030Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wedding_0031


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Humanist Celebrant – Tim Maguire
Florist – Roseparks
Dress Designer – Justin Alexander
Store – Gwenne Wedding Services
Make-up- Miss Dixiebelle
Hair – Miss Dixiebelle
Cake – Marks and Spencer (additional flowers by Roseparks)
Band/ DJ – Aurora

Summer Pollok House Wedding, Glasgow

Summer Pollok House Wedding, Glasgow

This beautiful Summer Pollok House wedding was wonderful to photograph! Pollok House is a grand Edwardian country house based near the centre of Glasgow which is owned by the National Trust for Scotland. It’s a lovely atmospheric venue for a wedding as the reception rooms are packed with period furniture and beautiful details. There are lots of lovely photo locations outside too as it’s set in stunning Pollok Country Park.

Alison and Danny are fun loving people who are bursting with personality. They never stopped smiling all day and their happiness was infectious as I found myself constantly smiling too! Their intimate ceremony took place in the beautiful Pavillion Library room and both Alison and Danny said some lovely, emotional words. After the ceremony the French doors were opened out and their guests were given confetti for the obligatory confetti throwing photo! After some celebratory hugs their guests relaxed outside, sipping drinks and soaking up some sun.

The three of us walked around the grounds and I took some romantic couple photos along the way. Pollok House and the manicured gardens surrounding it really do make a spectacular backdrop.


Below are some highlights from this Summer Pollok House wedding –

Summer Pollok House wedding photography

Wedding detailsengagement ring photographyartistic wedding details

bridal prep photography glasgowbridal prep photography glasgowbride and her cat

groom before pollok house wedding

groombefore pollok house wedding

groom and friends

pollok house wedding arrivals

pollok house wedding arrival

pollok house wedding Pavillion Librarypollok house wedding ceremony

pollok house wedding ceremony

pollok house just marriedpollok house just marriedpollok house confetti photo

pollok house wedding reception

pollok house wedding receptionpollok country park weddingpollok house wedding photospollok house wedding photographypollok house wedding photographySummer Pollok House weddingpollok house wedding photographerpollok house weddingSummer Pollok House wedding

pollok house wedding receptionpollok house wedding cake

pollok house wedding

pollok house table centrepiece


Florist – Lorraine Wood Flowers
Venue – Pollok House
Make-up – Pamper & Polish
Hair – Pamper & Polish
Cake – Cakes By Ann
Band/ DJ – Craig Hunter at Southside DJ

Leith Registry Office wedding

Leith Registry Office wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Sophie and Ben’s Edinburgh Leith Registry office wedding last Spring. It was my first time at Leith Registry Office and when I arrived I found that it is set in a complex of buildings that used to be Leith Theatre and Leith Town Hall! Some of the features inside such as the large staircase and reception area are quite impressive.

Not keen on being centre of attention Sophie and Ben chose to have a small, intimate celebration with their closest friends and family. I was only there for a short while to capture the key parts of the day such as the ceremony and some portraits afterwards. The ceremony was brief but moving and it was clear to see how in love these two are!

After the ceremony we captured some family group portraits before making our way outside for some romantic couple photos. It started to rain lightly so we made use of the sheltered areas and pillars around the registry office.

Leith Registry Office wedding highlights –

Leith Registry OfficeLeith Registry Office ceremonyLeith Registry Office ceremonyLeith Registry Office signingLeith Registry Office wedding group photoLeith Registry Office wedding_0006Leith Registry Office wedding photographyLeith Registry Office wedding_0008Leith Registry Office wedding_0009Leith Registry Office weddingLeith Registry Office wedding_0011Leith Registry Office wedding_0012

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding, North Berwick

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding, North Berwick

I really enjoyed photographing Kim and Kevin’s Macdonald Marine Hotel wedding last Spring. I was there from the bridal preparations until the first few dances and it was a fun, relaxed day from start to finish. The purple and white paper lanterns that decorated the room looked great and gave a nice added pop of colour. I also loved how they had incorporated their love of music into the day with lots of musical theme details and decor. They had obviously put a lot of effort in as most of these personal touches were hand made by Kim and Kevin – even the big K K light up sign!

The weather was warm and sunny which meant guests were able to sip their drinks outside in the sunshine after the ceremony. As it was such a nice day we decided to do the majority of the couple shots after dinner on the beach. We timed it perfectly and just as we arrived at the beach the sun started to go down. You can’t beat that beautiful soft golden hour light for portraits. Then it was back to Macdonald Marine Hotel for the evening dancing. The props went down a storm and caused much hilarity on the dance floor!

Below are a few highlights from this Macdonald Marine Hotel wedding –

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0002Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0003Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0004Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0005Macdonald Marine Hotel BoysMacdonald Marine Hotel ceremonyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0008Macdonald Marine Hotel ceremonyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0010Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding ceremonyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0012Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding receptionMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0014Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0015Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0016Macdonald Marine Hotel Room DecorationMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0018Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0019Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding SunsetMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding PhotographyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0023Macdonald Marine Hotel SunsetMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0025Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0026Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0027Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0028


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist – Vivacious Flowers
Dress Designer – Jonathan James
Dress Store-   Kudos Morningside
Make-up- Karen Brown
Hair – AC Styling North Berwick
Cake – Kelly’s Bakery
Band/ DJ – Hotel DJ

Shieldhill Castle Wedding Photography

Shieldhill Castle Wedding Photography

Shieldhill Castle wedding photography : Lovely Spring wedding featuring navy and green colour theme, daffodils and lots of fun candid moments!

I had been really looking forward to photographing Kirsty and Iain’s wedding at Shieldhill Castle from they day they booked me to photograph their day. After seeing photos of it online and hearing other wedding photographers speak highly of it I just knew it was going to be a fantastic day.

Based near Biggar Shieldhill Castle is set in lovely big grounds with a pond and has it’s very own chapel within the Castle. My day began with Kirsty and her bridesmaids getting ready in the Castle.  It was great as I was able to incorporate some of the Castle’s character and charm into the detail shots of the shoes, dress by using the beautiful stair case and reception rooms. Later on I went to meet Iain to took some relaxed photos of him and the boys around the grounds.

I loved how the piper piped Kirsty over to the Chapel, the walk across made for so great photo opportunities. During the ceremony Kirsty and Iain had some lovely personal touches such as a reading and lighting candles. Afterwards everyone made their way back towards the castle where they were given drink and then it was straight into a big group photo of everyone. I’ve found it’s always best to do the big group shot before people disperse towards the bar!

After the group photos I took Kirsty and Iain up onto the roof of the Castle for some romantic couple photos. For some variety to the couple photos we also went to the pretty little pond and found a grassy area where there were still some daffodils to add a pop of colour.

The rest of the day was full of fun with plenty of opportunities to capture natural, candid moments of people enjoying themselves.

Thanks for everything guys and all the best for your future together :-).



Shieldhill Castle wedding photography images –

Shieldhill Castle Wedding Photography

Sheildhill CastleSheildhill Castle Wedding_0002Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0003Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0004Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0005Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0006Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0007Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0008Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0009Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0010Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0011Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0013Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0014Shieldhill Castle Wedding PhotographySheildhill Castle Wedding_0016Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0017Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0018Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0019Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0020Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0021Shieldhill Castle Wedding PhotographySheildhill Castle marqueeSheildhill Castle Wedding_0025Sheildhill Castle Wedding photographySheildhill Castle Wedding_0027Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0028Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0029Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0030Sheildhill Castle Wedding_0031

Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist – Christine Hope (friends mum)
Dress Designer & Store- Sincerity, Wedding Warehouse Ascot
Make-up- Carly Locke
Hair – Encee Hair Studio
Cake – Alison Bagan (friends mum)
Band/ DJ – The Silver Kings
Harpist – Sarah McNeil
Piper – James Nicholl

Spring Archerfield House and Waterfront Wedding

Spring Archerfield House and Waterfront Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley and Sean’s lovely Springtime Archerfield House and Waterfront wedding in April. I started off the day with the girls getting ready in their beautiful, spacious bridal suite. Sean was also at Archerfield House in the morning. This meant I was able to pop along to his room to capture some shots of him and his best man getting ready. Throughout the day there were so many lovely details to capture such as pretty flowers in jars hanging from the aisle seats in the ceremony room, a floral arch at the top of the aisle, candles….the list goes on. It all must have taken a lot of thought and planning but it really paid off as it looked beautiful. The humanist ceremony took place in the House’s grand entrance hall and was full of joy and emotion which was lovely to capture. After the ceremony there was plenty time for some congratulatory hugs and kisses from their guests. I love these natural candid moments! As it was a dry day I was able to take the official group and couple photos outside in the lovely grounds which surround the house.

After dinner everyone made their way to Archerfield’s stunning waterfront building. As the name implies it’s set right on the waterfront with beautiful views of the East Lothian coastline! I travelled over to the Waterfront with Ashley and Sean and persuaded them to stop off for a few more romantic couple shots. There was an area of daffodils amongst the tall trees which added a nice pop of colour. The kids had a fantastic time playing outside before the dancing began. I loved being there the capture this amazing wedding.

Below are some highlights from this beautiful Archerfield House and Waterfront wedding –

Archerfield House and Waterfront wedding

Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0001Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0002Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0003Archerfield Mansion House bridal preperationsArcherfield Mansion House wedding_0005Archerfield Mansion House flower girlArcherfield Mansion House wedding_0007Archerfield Mansion House wedding preperationsArcherfield Mansion House bedroomArcherfield Mansion House flowergirlsArcherfield Mansion House groomArcherfield Mansion House groomArcherfield Mansion House candlesArcherfield Mansion House wedding_0014Archerfield Mansion House wedding ceremonyArcherfield Mansion House wedding ceremonyArcherfield Mansion House wedding ceremonyArcherfield Mansion House wedding ceremonyArcherfield Mansion House drinks receptionArcherfield Mansion House drinks receptionArcherfield Mansion House wedding group photoArcherfield Mansion House bridal partyArcherfield Mansion House bridesmaidsArcherfield House groomsmenArcherfield Mansion House wedding_0025Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0026Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0027Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0028Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0029Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0030Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0031Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0032Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0033Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0034Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0035Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0037Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0038Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0039Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0040Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0041Archerfield Mansion House wedding_0042


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist – Demi’s Florist
Dress Designer & Store- Pretty Woman
Hair – Beauty Works Scotland
Cake – Cakes by Elinor
Band/ DJ – The Jammy Devils