Wedding Photography at The Caves in Edinburgh

On Halloween I photographed Trish and Jonathan’s masquerade wedding at The Caves in Edinburgh! An amazing historic venue made up of vaults underneath Edinburgh’s Old Town. Trish & Jonathan had flown all the way over from California because they loved Scotland so much from previous visits. This definitely wasn’t a typical wedding as the ceremony was a handfasting with Trish and Jonathan in the middle and all the guests surrounding them. They then had to jump over a broomstick (besom) at the end of the ceremony, something I’d never seen before :-)! They really made the most of it being Halloween with their masquerade theme, all the things out of the ordinary made it really fun for me to photograph. The guests were loving the masks and really got into having fun with them as you can see below!

This was by far the most challenging venue I’ve photographed due to there being no natural light at all. My main concern was to make sure my photographs reflected the amazing atmosphere and lighting within The Caves.

the caves wedding photography_0001 the caves wedding photography_0002 the caves wedding photography_0003 the caves wedding photography_0004 the caves wedding photography_0005 the caves wedding photography_0006 the caves wedding photography_0007 the caves wedding photography_0008 the caves wedding photography_0009 the caves wedding photography_0010 the caves wedding photography_0011 the caves wedding photography_0012 the caves wedding photography_0013 the caves wedding photography_0014 the caves wedding photography_0015 the caves wedding photography_0016

Trish and Jonathan had photo booth in the evening, they came with loads of props and it looked like lots of fun. Check them out at

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