Beautiful Summer Wedding at Broxmouth Park

broxmouth park wedding

I loved photographing Lindy and Gordon’s beautiful Summer wedding at Broxmouth Park. The venue and grounds are absolutely stunning with so many fantastic locations for photos and to top it off Lindy and Gordon are such lovely people who never stopped smiling. They had both dreamt of an outdoor ceremony but the weather was wet and cloudy in the morning. Luckily it began to improve just in time about an hour before the ceremony, so made the call to go ahead with the outdoor plans. The ceremony was held up a slight slope and in front of a giant tree which was a very picturesque location. After the ceremony Lindy and Gordon mingled with their guest for a little while before starting the official group photos. Gordon’s Dad had brought his vintage Citroen car along to the wedding which proved very useful as he drove us along to the pond on Broxmouth’s grounds and it also made a cool prop for some photos! Lindy and Gordon’s wedding breakfast was held in a large marquee which had been decorated with lots of lovely details. The evening celebrations continued in the marquee and everyone danced the night away to Scottish Ceilidh music. Below are a few of my favourite photos from the day, I really struggled to narrow them down!

Some highlights from this fantastic wedding at Broxmouth Park –

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Broxbouth Park Wedding_0019Broxbouth Park Wedding_0021Broxbouth Park Wedding_0022Broxbouth Park Wedding_0023Broxbouth Park Wedding_0024Broxbouth Park Wedding_0025Broxbouth Park Wedding_0026Broxbouth Park Wedding_0027Broxbouth Park Wedding_0028Broxbouth Park Wedding_0029Broxbouth Park Wedding_0030Broxbouth Park Wedding_0031Broxbouth Park Wedding_0032Broxbouth Park Wedding_0033Broxbouth Park Wedding_0034Broxbouth Park Wedding_0035Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0037Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0039Broxbouth Park Wedding_0040Broxbouth Park Wedding_0041Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0043Broxbouth Park Wedding_0044Broxbouth Park Wedding_0045Broxbouth Park Wedding_0046Broxbouth Park Wedding_0047Broxbouth Park Wedding_0048Broxbouth Park Wedding_0049Broxbouth Park Wedding_0051Broxbouth Park Wedding_0052Broxbouth Park Wedding_0053Broxbouth Park Wedding_0054Broxbouth Park Wedding_0055Broxbouth Park Wedding_0056Broxbouth Park Wedding_0057Broxbouth Park Wedding_0059Broxbouth Park Wedding_0060Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0062Broxbouth Park Wedding_0063Broxbouth Park Wedding_0064Broxbouth Park Wedding_0065


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist –Bloomia
Dress Designer & Store- Pronovias, La Novia
Make-up- Laura McBride
Hair – Jill Smillie Hair
Cake – Ali’s Artisan Cakes
Band/ DJ – Ceilidhdonia


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