Relaxed Scottish farm wedding reception near Edinburgh

Relaxed Scottish farm wedding reception near Edinburgh

It was a pleasure to be Catriona and Richard’s photographer on their big day. They chose to have a relaxed Scottish farm wedding reception on Richard’s parent’s farm in Fife near Edinburgh. It was a dream come true to photograph a wedding on farm and it has to be one of my favourite weddings ever!

Catriona got ready at her parent’s house with her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding. There were lovely moments as the bridal party interacted during preparations. The girls were ready early so we were also able to capture some beautiful portraits in the garden.

The ceremony which took place at stunning St Michael’s Church in Linlithgow. Catriona made a dramatic appearance at the church by arriving in an old cleaned up farm Land Rover! In fact there were several of them which were used to transport the bridal party – very cool! It was an emotional and heartfelt ceremony.

After some photos around St Michaels we set off for the farm reception where Richard and Catriona were greeted with confetti. There was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere at the farm with so many personalised touches. They had made their own fire pits from horseshoes and made many of the decorations around the venue themselves. I really enjoyed photographing all of the personal details. As I began searching for moments that would help to tell the story of the day I could tell everyone was having a great time. After some fantastic speeches in the marquee it was time to begin the evening celebrations. Everyone brought the day to an end by demonstrating their best dance moves!

Here are some highlights from this relaxed Scottish farm wedding –

St Michael's Wedding ceremony St Michaels Church wedding St Michael's Church Wedding St Michael's church wedding farm marquee wedding wedding confetti photo Relaxed Scottish farm wedding Relaxed Scottish farm wedding Relaxed Scottish farm wedding Relaxed Scottish farm wedding marquee wedding scotland Relaxed Scottish farm wedding


Florist – Poppy Floral Design
Dress Shop – CKS Bridal
Dress Designer – Dando London
Make Up – Nicole Govan
Band – ?

Beautiful Dalmahoy Wedding on a Sunny Spring Day

Beautiful Dalmahoy Wedding on a Sunny Spring Day

Adele and Grant are lovely people and so perfect for each other. It was a pleasure to photograph their Spring Marriott Dalmahoy wedding near Edinburgh. This is a venue I know very well and it is very close to my heart as my husband and I got married there in 2011! Since then I have worked there a few times and each time feels special.

The couple chose a bright blue and yellow colour theme which tied in really well with the décor of the hotel as well as being perfect for Spring. I’m not sure if matching the venue colour scheme was intentional or just a coincidence but it looked great being so coordinated!

Adele got ready with her bridesmaids at Dalmahoy on the morning of the wedding which was very handy as I was able to nip back and forth between her and Grant. It also meant I was able to capture some portrait photos of her in her beautiful wedding dress just before she went down for the ceremony. Their humanist ceremony was touching and gave their guests a lovely insight into their personalities and relationship. After the ceremony I captured some natural shots before launching into the official group photos. Then the three of us hopped onto a golf buggy and whizzed over to the pond for some romantic couple photos! It was great to get some photos with the venue in the distance too. On our way back we found a blossom tree which was still in bloom which made a lovely backdrop. After dinner the party really started and I left everyone dancing the night away and having a great time.

Dalmahoy wedding photography highlights –

Dalmahoy Wedding

Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0001Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0002Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0003Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0004Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0005Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0006Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0007Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0008Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0009Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0010Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0011Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0012Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0013Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0014Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0015Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0016Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0017Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0018Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0019Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0020Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0021Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0022Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0024Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0025Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0026Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0027Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0028Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0029Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0030Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0031Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0032Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0033Dalmahoy Wedding Photographer_0034


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist – Garlands Florist
Dress Designer & Store – Eternity Bridal, Simply Exquisite Bridal & Prom Boutique
Make-up – Emma Motion
Hair – City Brides
Cake – Happy Ever Afters
Band/ DJ – 1st Dance Professional Wedding DJ
Humanist – Tim Maguire

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding, North Berwick

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding, North Berwick

I really enjoyed photographing Kim and Kevin’s Macdonald Marine Hotel wedding last Spring. I was there from the bridal preparations until the first few dances and it was a fun, relaxed day from start to finish. The purple and white paper lanterns that decorated the room looked great and gave a nice added pop of colour. I also loved how they had incorporated their love of music into the day with lots of musical theme details and decor. They had obviously put a lot of effort in as most of these personal touches were hand made by Kim and Kevin – even the big K K light up sign!

The weather was warm and sunny which meant guests were able to sip their drinks outside in the sunshine after the ceremony. As it was such a nice day we decided to do the majority of the couple shots after dinner on the beach. We timed it perfectly and just as we arrived at the beach the sun started to go down. You can’t beat that beautiful soft golden hour light for portraits. Then it was back to Macdonald Marine Hotel for the evening dancing. The props went down a storm and caused much hilarity on the dance floor!

Below are a few highlights from this Macdonald Marine Hotel wedding –

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding

Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0002Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0003Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0004Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0005Macdonald Marine Hotel BoysMacdonald Marine Hotel ceremonyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0008Macdonald Marine Hotel ceremonyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0010Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding ceremonyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0012Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding receptionMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0014Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0015Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0016Macdonald Marine Hotel Room DecorationMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0018Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0019Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding SunsetMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding PhotographyMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0023Macdonald Marine Hotel SunsetMacdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0025Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0026Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0027Macdonald Marine Hotel Wedding_0028


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist – Vivacious Flowers
Dress Designer – Jonathan James
Dress Store-   Kudos Morningside
Make-up- Karen Brown
Hair – AC Styling North Berwick
Cake – Kelly’s Bakery
Band/ DJ – Hotel DJ

Beautiful Summer Wedding at Broxmouth Park

Beautiful Summer Wedding at Broxmouth Park

I loved photographing Lindy and Gordon’s beautiful Summer wedding at Broxmouth Park. The venue and grounds are absolutely stunning with so many fantastic locations for photos and to top it off Lindy and Gordon are such lovely people who never stopped smiling. They had both dreamt of an outdoor ceremony but the weather was wet and cloudy in the morning. Luckily it began to improve just in time about an hour before the ceremony, so made the call to go ahead with the outdoor plans. The ceremony was held up a slight slope and in front of a giant tree which was a very picturesque location. After the ceremony Lindy and Gordon mingled with their guest for a little while before starting the official group photos. Gordon’s Dad had brought his vintage Citroen car along to the wedding which proved very useful as he drove us along to the pond on Broxmouth’s grounds and it also made a cool prop for some photos! Lindy and Gordon’s wedding breakfast was held in a large marquee which had been decorated with lots of lovely details. The evening celebrations continued in the marquee and everyone danced the night away to Scottish Ceilidh music. Below are a few of my favourite photos from the day, I really struggled to narrow them down!

Some highlights from this fantastic wedding at Broxmouth Park –

Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding DetailsBroxbouth Park Wedding_0002Broxbouth Park Wedding PreperationsBroxbouth Park Wedding_0004Broxbouth Park Wedding_0005Broxbouth Park Wedding_0006Broxbouth Park Wedding_0007Broxbouth Park Wedding_0008Broxbouth Park Wedding_0009Broxbouth Park Wedding_0010Broxbouth Park Wedding_0011Broxbouth Park Wedding_0012Broxbouth Park Wedding_0013Broxbouth Park Wedding_0014Broxbouth Park Wedding_0015Broxbouth Park Wedding_0016

Broxbouth Park Wedding_0019Broxbouth Park Wedding_0021Broxbouth Park Wedding_0022Broxbouth Park Wedding_0023Broxbouth Park Wedding_0024Broxbouth Park Wedding_0025Broxbouth Park Wedding_0026Broxbouth Park Wedding_0027Broxbouth Park Wedding_0028Broxbouth Park Wedding_0029Broxbouth Park Wedding_0030Broxbouth Park Wedding_0031Broxbouth Park Wedding_0032Broxbouth Park Wedding_0033Broxbouth Park Wedding_0034Broxbouth Park Wedding_0035Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0037Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0039Broxbouth Park Wedding_0040Broxbouth Park Wedding_0041Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0043Broxbouth Park Wedding_0044Broxbouth Park Wedding_0045Broxbouth Park Wedding_0046Broxbouth Park Wedding_0047Broxbouth Park Wedding_0048Broxbouth Park Wedding_0049Broxbouth Park Wedding_0051Broxbouth Park Wedding_0052Broxbouth Park Wedding_0053Broxbouth Park Wedding_0054Broxbouth Park Wedding_0055Broxbouth Park Wedding_0056Broxbouth Park Wedding_0057Broxbouth Park Wedding_0059Broxbouth Park Wedding_0060Wedding at Broxmouth ParkBroxbouth Park Wedding_0062Broxbouth Park Wedding_0063Broxbouth Park Wedding_0064Broxbouth Park Wedding_0065


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist –Bloomia
Dress Designer & Store- Pronovias, La Novia
Make-up- Laura McBride
Hair – Jill Smillie Hair
Cake – Ali’s Artisan Cakes
Band/ DJ – Ceilidhdonia

Rufflets Wedding Photographer

Rufflets Wedding Photographer

Rufflets in St Andrews was the location for the lovely Scottish Summer wedding of Caitlin and Ross. Caitlin and Ross live over in the US and planned everything for their big day from over there so I didn’t actually have the pleasure of meeting them until their big day. When I arrived the girls were getting ready in a beautiful room in Rufflets which had a balcony with views of the grounds below. It was a hub of activity and everyone was very excited..especially Caitlin! A few dark clouds appeared overhead but after some light rain the weather improved and Caitlin and Ross chose to go ahead with having their ceremony outdoors. The ceremony took place at the foot of the hill in Rufflets lush grounds which was fantastic for photography as I could get a great view of all the special moments. I love the look on Caitlin and Ross’ faces after they were pronounced husband and wife as it sums up how happy they were all day :-).

I had a lot of fun photographing this wedding and looking forward to returning to Rufflets in the future. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day.

Rufflets Wedding_0001

Rufflets Wedding_0002

Rufflets Wedding_0003

Rufflets Wedding_0004

Rufflets Wedding_0035

Rufflets Wedding_0005

Rufflets Wedding_0006

Rufflets Wedding_0007

Rufflets Wedding_0008

Rufflets Wedding_0009

Rufflets Wedding_0010

Rufflets Wedding_0011

Rufflets Wedding_0012

Rufflets Wedding_0013

Rufflets Wedding_0014

Rufflets Wedding_0015

Rufflets Wedding_0016

Rufflets Wedding_0017

Rufflets Wedding_0018

Rufflets Wedding_0019

Rufflets Wedding_0020

Rufflets Wedding_0021

Rufflets Wedding_0022

Rufflets Wedding_0023

Rufflets Wedding_0024

Rufflets Wedding_0025

Rufflets Wedding_0026

Rufflets Wedding_0027

Rufflets Wedding_0028

Rufflets Wedding_0029

Rufflets Wedding_0030

Rufflets Wedding_0031

Rufflets Wedding_0036

Rufflets Wedding_0037

Rufflets Wedding_0032

Rufflets Wedding_0033

Rufflets Wedding_0034


Photographer – Claire Tennant Photography
Florist – Poppy Floral Design
Dress Designer – Stella York
Dress Shop – Le Reve in Leesburg, VA
Hair – Anne Quinn
Makeup – Lynn Mills from EyeCandy
Cake – Scrumptious Cakes 
Band – Aurora
DJ – Gary Nicols

South Queensferry pre-wedding shoot

South Queensferry pre-wedding shoot

On Sunday I met up with Sophie and James for their South Queensferry pre-wedding shoot. We had a walk around the town stopping off at various locations along the way. Considering they started off a little unsure about being in front of the camera I thought they did a great job of looking relaxed and natural! Amazingly we managed to avoid any rain regardless of the dramatic clouds overhead! Sophie and James are getting married at Holyrood MacDonald Hotel in Edinburgh in two months time, I can’t wait to photograph their big day :-).

South Queensferry pre-wedding shoot
South Queensferry pre wedding photography
West Lothian pre-wedding photography
South Queensferry pre-wedding shoot
South Queensferry portrait
South Queensferry pre-wedding shoot