Proposal Photography Edinburgh Castle

I was so excited when Jonathan emailed me asking if I would photograph his proposal at Edinburgh Castle! It was going to be a complete surprise to Hilary, she knew nothing about his plans!!! All she knew was they were flying up to Edinburgh for a weekend away ๐Ÿ˜Ž . Little did she know the Jonathan had been busy making many romantic plans, the proposal was just the beginning! To me it sounded like the most fun photoshoot ever and it really was just as fun as I expected it to be! Jonathan had hired the Minstrel’s Gallery in Edinburgh Castle so that he had somewhere private away from all the tourists. I arrived in plenty of time and found that it was just really an empty room with nowhere to hide. I stood in the most discrete place waiting on Jonathan and Hilary. When they arrived Hilary didn’t really seem to notice me and they went to the other end of the room where Jonathan got down on one knee. I couldn’t hear what he was saying as I was quite a distance away but I loved watching Hilary’s face light up when he said the magic words and Jonathan beamed from ear to ear when she said “YES”. Afterwards we were able to use other areas of the Castle for more photos of them together. It was so lovely to witness such a special event in their lives, and they now have these photos to look back on for the rest of their lives.

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Proposal Photography Edinburgh Castle
Proposal Photography Edinburgh Castle
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Proposal Photography Edinburgh Castle

Pre-Wedding Shoot at Almondell Country Park, West Lothian

I met up with Pete and Laura for their pre-wedding shoot at Almondell Country Park on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather was rainy but we went ahead with the shoot anyway. I was armed with my trusty brolley but luckily we came across a few very sheltered wooded areas which did a great job of keeping us dry. Laura and Pete are getting married at Houston House Hotel in West Lothian at the beginning of May, I can’t wait!ย Their wedding has a Disney theme, hence the happily ever after photo :-).

Pre-Wedding Shoot at Almondell Country ParkPre-Wedding Shoot at Almondell Country ParkPre-Wedding Shoot at Almondell Country ParkPre-Wedding Shoot at Almondell Country Park

Pre-Wedding Shoot at Almondell Country Park
Pre-Wedding Shoot at Almondell Country Park
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2013 Wedding Highlights

2013 Wedding Highlights

2013 absolutely flew by, and what a fantastic year it was. I photographed just over 50 weddings last year and I loved photographing them all. There was snow in March, lots of bright sunny days in Summer and a very windy Winter to end of the year. Each wedding was unique and all the couples were great fun to photograph. I’m already getting excited about all the weddings I have in my diary for 2014! I thought it would be a good idea to showcase a few of the highlights, so sit back and enjoy scrolling through my favourite moments from the last twelve months!

2013 wedding photography highlights
Best of 2013_0006.jpgBest of 2013_0050.jpg
2013 wedding highlights
2013 wedding highlights
2013 wedding highlights
2013 wedding photography highlights
Best of 2013_0055.jpg

Best of 2013_0004.jpgBest of 2013_0093.jpg
Best of 2013_0104.jpg
Best of 2013_0001.jpg
Best of 2013_0005.jpg
Best of 2013_0010.jpgBest of 2013_0007.jpgBest of 2013_0008.jpgBest of 2013_0009.jpg
2013 wedding photography highlights
Best of 2013_0101.jpgBest of 2013_0012.jpg
Best of 2013_0115 Best of 2013_0116 Best of 2013_0117 Best of 2013_0118 Best of 2013_0119Best of 2013_0013.jpg
Best of 2013_0102.jpg
Best of 2013_0019.jpg
Best of 2013_0021.jpg
Best of 2013_0022.jpg
Best of 2013_0039.jpgBest of 2013_0024.jpg
Best of 2013_0025.jpgBest of 2013_0020.jpg
Best of 2013_0026.jpg
Best of 2013_0027.jpg
Best of 2013_0028.jpg
Best of 2013_0029.jpg
Best of 2013_0030.jpg
Best of 2013_0031.jpg

Best of 2013_0035.jpg
Best of 2013_0036.jpg

Best of 2013_0056
Best of 2013_0037.jpg
Best of 2013_0038.jpg
Best of 2013_0040.jpg
Best of 2013_0047.jpg
Archerfield-House-Wedding_0013.jpgBest of 2013_0103.jpg
Best of 2013_0045.jpg
Best of 2013_0044.jpg
Best of 2013_0041.jpg
Best of 2013_0051.jpg
Best of 2013_0057.jpg
Best of 2013_0058.jpg
Best of 2013_0054.jpg
Best of 2013_0060.jpg
Best of 2013_0042.jpg

Best of 2013_0109.jpg
Best of 2013_0108.jpg
Best of 2013_0113.jpg
Best of 2013_0091.jpg
Best of 2013_0105.jpg
Best of 2013_0092.jpg
Best of 2013_0110.jpg

Best of 2013_0096.jpg
Best of 2013_0097.jpg
Best of 2013_0098.jpg

Best of 2013_0107.jpg
Best of 2013_0090.jpg

Best of 2013_0073.jpg
Best of 2013_0074.jpg
Best of 2013_0071.jpg
Best of 2013_0072.jpgBest of 2013_0114

Best of 2013_0070.jpg
Best of 2013_0069.jpg
Best of 2013_0067.jpg
Best of 2013_0066.jpg
Best of 2013_0065.jpg
Best of 2013_0064.jpg
Best of 2013_0063.jpg
Best of 2013_0062.jpg
Best of 2013_0061.jpg
Best of 2013_0059.jpg

Best of 2013_0053.jpgBest of 2013_0068.jpg

Steve & Kirsty’s pre-wedding shoot at Prestonfield House

Last weekend I caught up with Steve and Kirsty for their pre-wedding shoot at Prestonfield House. It was the ideal location for their pre-wedding shoot as they’re tying the knot there in just under two months. I’ve photographed a wedding at Prestonfield once before and loved the venue, there are so many great spots for photography both inside and around the grounds. Considering they were a little unsure about being in front of the camera I thought they did so well at acting relaxed and natural! See you both very soon ๐Ÿ™‚
pre-wedding shoot at Prestonfield House
Prestonfield house photography
pre-wedding shoot at Prestonfield House

Royal Mile & Edinburgh Castle pre-wedding Shoot

I met up with Natalie and Grant at St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile for their Edinburgh Castle pre-wedding shoot. We walked up to Edinburgh Castle taking a few shots along the way. Natalie and Grant are getting married at St Giles and having their reception at the Castle in just under 3 weeks time, not long at all! It was great to explore the venues before the big day, it looks like there are lots of amazing photo opportunities. See you very soon guys ๐Ÿ™‚
St Giles Edinburgh photos
edinburgh pre-wedding shoot
Edinburgh Castle engagement shoot
Edinburgh Castle Pre-Wedding Shoot
Edinburgh Castle Pre-Wedding Shoot
edinburgh pre-wedding shoot

Pre-Wedding shoot at Rumbling Bridge Gorge, Kinross-shire

It was great to meet up with Karen and Ally for their pre-wedding shoot around Rumbling Bridge Gorge. The walk made for a dramatic setting overlooking noisy rumbling waterfalls! Karen and Ally are getting married at the end of December at Orocco Pier, a venue that I love. Really looking forward to your big day guys, hope you like the pre-wedding photos.

rumbling bridge_0024.jpg
Rumbling Bridge Gorge
Rumbling Bridge Gorge
Rumbling Bridge Gorge